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Under a Red Moon is dedicated to many things, but the first shall always be the enjoyment of our members. We are a Collective of Garou and Changing Breeds chronicles, not Vampires, not Mummies, not Changelings or Mages or Wraiths, strongly founded in the published World of Darkness® and founded on the idea that a Global Story is imperative in the function of a confederation such as ours. We represent the Dark and Failing perspective of the World of Darkness®, liberally laced with moments of heroism and victory. We are supportive of the needs of our individual Chronicles, even while maintaining the efficiency that can best be found in a Benevolent Dictatorship. And, finally, we are firmly on the side of creativity in story writing, character creation and in character interaction, but do not lose sight of the need for solid conintuity and maintenance of the Central Theme.

Article One: Local Plots

A) Each chronicle has the right to create and progress storylines that effect their own chronicles exclusively. If a plotline exceeds the boundaries described herein, they require the approval of the Continuity Coordinator. Exceeding the boundaries shall be defined as follows:

1. Stories that directly effect the stories of other Member Chronicles.

2. Stories that involve published personalities, either by White Wolf or by UaRM.

3. Stories that have lasting effect upon the Mundane World (e.g., vast devastation of cities, massive rendings of the Veil, etc.).

4. Stories that involve Legendary garou.

B) Chronicles have the right to expect timely response to such requests, but should expect a delay of at least 24 hours when making such requests.

C) Each chronicle has the right to maintain a set of House Rules. It is highly recommended that these local rulings be published to the chronicle's web site, if available.

1. House Rules are not permitted to contradict Universal Rules (published on the web site).

2. House Rules are not permitted to violate any particular of this charter.

Article Two: Storyteller Control

A) Chronicles have the right to demand whatever requirements of potential players in their games as is necessary to maintain theme, fairness of play, safety and legal integrity. Each game has the right to refuse to allow any person the privilege of playing in their game, whether that person intends to be a regular player in that game or is visiting from a "foreign" chronicle.

B) Upon any changeover of Storyteller in a chronicle, such changeover needs to be reported to the Administrative Coordinator within one week of it's effective date. At this time, passwords to the Storyteller Resources section will be issued and deleted to reflect this change.

Article Three: Continuity

A) The Global Story shall exist in its complete form in all chronicles. Storytellers of member chronicles are not permitted to disregard Global Plots. For example, if UaRM states that there is a red star in the sky, then that red star is in the sky of every game in the continuum.

B) Every sept and in-game region used in a chronicle, whether in a story or as a part of chronicle or character background, is to be reported to the Continuity Coordinator to be published on the web site. Each chronicle is required to use the published version of each sept or in-game region thereby published. Right to have your version as the "official" version of a sept or region is on a first come, first served basis, and subject to Coordinator adjustment.

C) The Universal Rules, published kept up to date at the UaRM web site, shall be in force in all member chronicles to better provide consistency of rules throughout the collective. Visiting players can expect these rules to be in effect when they visit "foreign" chronicles.

Article Four: Democratic Process

A) On the 31st day of October of each year, the Coordinator positions come up for a vote of the Collective (defined as all players with reported character sheets, storytellers registered as such with UaRM, and coordinators of UaRM).

1) Each individual of the Collective shall have one vote for each position.

2) Any member of the Collective may propose him or herself as a Coordinator Candidate. That member of the Collective will no longer be able to play a PC in their home chronicle, should they become elected.

B) No other UaRM-wide decisions are made by a vote of the Collective. Member chronicles acknowledge that all other decisions are made by the appropriate Coordinator.

C) The Coordinator Positions of UaRM are as follows:

1) Continuity Coordinator - responsible for the Global Story and maintaining a consistent thread to Local Plots where they touch upon the Global Story.

2) Administrative Coordinator - responsible for maintaining the daily administration of UaRM including keeping records of member chronicles and their storytellers, players and information links.

3) Admissions Coordinator - responsible for processing the entry of new chronicles and promoting UaRM to potential new chronicles. Works closely with both the Continuity and Administrative Coordinators.

4) Webmaster - Hosts and maintains the UaRM web site and all databases associated with it.

Article Five: Monthly Reporting

A) Each chronicle is required to submit a monthly report of events occurring within their games. This may be a one-paragraph synopsis or a detailed report of all activities, at the discretion of the Storytellers of the chronicle.

B) Each chronicle is required to keep the Global Character Database up to date. Once per month this database must be updated to include new characters, changed status of characters and character advancement.

1) It is recommended that this update be done on or about the same time each month to establish a routine.

2) Only Storytellers and Coordinators shall be granted access to the Global Character Database. When a Storyteller commences or curtails his/her duties, this must be reported to the Web Master so that the site security can be updated. Expect 3-7 days for this transition to take place.

Article Six: Experience

A) No player may receive more than eight experience points per month, of which no more than six shall be for attendance.

B) Character Creation Points:

1) Without consulting the Administrative Coordinator, Storytellers may approve up to 30 bonus Experience Points to their players to establish the appropriate theme for their game.

2) Should a Storyteller team decide that a greater award of experience points is needed to establish the theme of their game, a specific request for such - with details of what awards are intended and for what reasons - shall be submitted to the Administrative Coordinator for approval or revision. Note that the Coordinators of UaRM intend to make this largely a formality for any reasonable request.

3) Storytellers may decide to award a block of experience points to one or more of their players after character creation in order to maintain the theme of their games. This too must be submitted as a request to the Continuity Coordinator.

4) Players shall have no more than 1 PC each, though they may be made responsible for any number of NPCs, at Storyteller discretion and within the bounds sited in this Charter and the Universal Rules.

C) Storyteller Experience:

1) Storytellers are to receive one XP per game that they serve in such capacity. These shall be considered "attendance points" for purposes of monthly limits.

2) When visiting "foreign" chronicles, they may be awarded experience at the discretion of the local Storytellers of the game visited. This is still subject to the monthly limits.

Article Seven: Theme

A) UaRM is intended for Garou characters and Garou stories. The great bulk of the characters shall be composed of Werewolves and Kinfolk.

1) Aside from werewolves, and within certain reasonable limits, other shapechangers (Corax, Nuwisha, Anasazi, Gurahl, etc.) are acceptable character concepts within the genre of UaRM. Chronicles made up of all one non-werewolf type are likewise acceptable, with Coordinator approval. It is recommended that your game should comply with accepted relative mixes, if a mix is appropriate for the theme of your game.

2) UaRM does not require that individual shapechanger or kinfolk characters be subjected to scrutiny for approval by the Coordinators. However, UaRM abides by the standard that most of the non-werewolf changing breeds are rare, and this rarity should be reflected by the PC base of the Collective.

3) UaRM exists within a very close approximation of the published World of Darkness presented by White Wolf, Inc.. It is understood, therefore, that the collective world is a dark one, reflecting a sense of a bitter understanding that the war is being lost. To one extent or another, this theme is to continue throughout all chronicles of UaRM. Victories do not need to be unattainable or rare - it's fun to win, sometimes, after all. But underlying all is a dread of the future.

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