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Admission Process

Minimum Requirements

UaRM depends upon it's member chronicles for a lot of things. Among these is maintaining a consistent theme. UaRM is a Werewolf Nation collective. We do not have Vampire, Mage, Mummy, Wraith or Changeling chronicles. We are not wholly averse to the existance of a Player Character Corax Sept, or an occasional den of Anasazi. At least they are of the changing breeds, still within the theme of Gaia's protectors. But we do feel that the Collective is best served by the lack of Vampire games, or Chantries of Mages as PCs. UaRM is not a complete White Wolf© organization - we are a Werewolf collective game. We like it that way, and applications for other types of games will likely be refused out of hand.

New chronicles have to be prepared for a few concepts not common in this type of organization. One of these is that the chronicles do not get a vote on every rules change or upgrade. Member chronicles get to vote on one item only: who will serve as Coordinators for the following year. All other decisions are made by the Coordinators themselves.

We have no requirements for how large a game must be to qualify as a member. You can have as few or as many players as you want in your game. We do, however, require that each character in your game be entered into the Global Character Database, and kept updated at least on a monthly basis. Therefore, upon admittance to UaRM, your Storytellers will be granted access to the database (on a limited level) in order to input all character sheets for characters in their game.

Storytellers likewise need to be prepared to submit a monthly report on local stories occuring in their chronicles. The reason for this is to avoid inconsistencies in Global Stories and in the local stories of other chronicles.

A list and description of all "foreign" septs inherent to the backgrounds of PCs and local plots in your chronicle. Likewise, statistics and descriptions of the local caerns and places of power used in your game. This, again, is to avoid inconsistencies in Global and local plots in UaRM.

Current contact information for Storytellers and other administrative positions within your game must be provided. We prefer email (for obvious reasons), but if such is not available for some of your Head Honchos, mailing addresses and phone numbers are acceptable alternatives.

We do not (currently) have any precise requirements for power levels within new games, though we prefer to avoid excessive numbers of PC elders, and Legends should remain, for the time being, NPCs. Naturally, we are wary about such potent and rare Garou running about making sweeping changes to the world.

It is highly recommended that, prior to applying for membership in UaRM, prospective chronicles review the UaRM Charter. Doing so will help to alleviate misunderstandings of what we are and how we do things in the future.

To Apply for Chronicle Membership

The first thing you want to do is read over the Charter, to which all member chronicles agree to adhere. When you have done that, download the Membership Application and send us your answers to ALL questions listed thereon. Incomplete applications will result in delays in processing your membership while we attempt to get answers to the unanswered questions. Send your answers via email (listed at the top of the application, or by clicking on the Admissions Coordinator link in the Coordinators page of this site), numbering each answer (you need not type out each question - that's why we've numbered them!). Allow a few days for us to read it over and pose additional questions to clarify uncertain answers. When all such questions are answered to our satisfaction, voila! You will be informed that you are a member and will be introduced to the email list for congratulations. The entire process - assuming rapid response on your part and apparent adherence to the Charter and the wishes of the Admissions Coordinator - should take no more than a week. Really. We're actually pretty organized.