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The Collective

The Collective is a term we use to refer to the entire membership of UaRM: Storytellers, Players and Coordinators alike. The Collective has the right to vote, as individuals, on who will be UaRM's Coordinators for the following year (which, incidentally, begins on November 1st and ends on October 31st). No one member of The Collective has more voting power than any other, regardless of local or UaRM-wide position.


Each chronicle of UaRM is an entity of itself, a living, breathing collection of stories and subplots, characters and players, game sites and themes that make up the greater organism of each individual game. The purpose of UaRM is not to staunch that uniqueness nor to limit anyone's creativity. It is there to present a larger organism, a consistent world in which these chronicles collectively exist. So, yes, we understand that each chronicle is different. It is the real foundation of the organization, and without these individual organisms the larger body could not continue to live.

Each chronicle has a set of rights and responsibilities within UaRm. Your rights include autonomy to create interesting local plotlines and to establish a theme unique to the Storytellers and players of your game. Chronicles have the right to control who plays in your game and how play is to progress. Chronicles have the right to secede from UaRM should they feel that the collective does not enhance their gaming experience.

However, UaRM asks that each member chronicle live up to certain responsibilities as well. Among these are the need for regular reports on the progress of local storylines, maintaining the central character sheet database, and adherence to the rules of play established by the UaRM Coordinators.


Coordinators are the under-appreciated people who run UaRM. They maintain the administrative end of the organization, create and develop global plotlines, provide criteria for incoming new chronicles and make judgements on Global Rules. Since we do not collect dues from member chronicles, any expenses that arise from running UaRM comes directly from the pockets of the Coordinators.