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In UaRM, unlike many other similar collectives of LARPs, the Coordinators have the power, granted by the Charter, to make decisions about rules, stories and misconduct of players and chronicles as such issues arise. Such issues are handled quickly and efficiently once sufficient information (as determined by the Coordinators themselves) has been collected to make such decisions informed ones. This is not a rule by committee, but rather by despotism.

But we are all Americans. We like our freedoms, we like to believe that nobody is our boss. While this attitude is fine for peace of mind (and works reasonably well in national government), it also bogs down the bureaucratic process significantly and diminishes the sense of consistency of theme.

Therefore, UaRM - or should I say it's founders - have decided to do away with the notion of Democracy. Well, mostly, anyway.

Coordinators are the first and final authority within the scope of their duties. While advice will often be requested of individuals or even the Collective as a whole, the final decision lies ultimately with the Coordinators. There is no appeal for decisions made publicly to the Collective. There is only one vote that you get to cast against these decisions, and it is made prior to October 31st, when each Coordinator position comes up for a vote of the Collective.

That being said, Coordinators are likewise expected to represent the Collective's wishes, with the intended result being a good, strong, FUN game for all.


The current Coordinator positions are:

Administrative Coordinator - The Administrative Coordinator is the Lord God Almighty of the Administrative end of UaRM. He/she is responsible for maintaining the records and databases of the organization, as well as being the person one would speak to regarding getting character sheets forwarded to Storytellers when players visit "foreign" chronicles.

Continuity Coordinator - This position is responsible for Global Stories and ensuring the consistency of interaction between member chronicles. It is to him/her that is sent monthly plot reports, introduction of new septs/caerns (for purposes of background or local story development) and concerns about the continuity of the world. Also, requests for larger than local stories can be sent to the holder of this position.

Admissions Coordinator - The Admissions Coordinator is responsible for reviewing admission applications and ensuring that all needed information has been included to complete such applications. He/she is expected to coordinate efforts with (especially) the Continuity Coordinator and Administrative Coordinator to ensure the smooth entry of new chronicles into the Collective.

Web Master - This is the only position that is not voted upon by the collective each year. It is purely a volunteer position and is held by it's current occupant until he gets so sick of doing it that he quits. He's responsible for maintaining and updating the web site and keeping the whole thing up and running. This position is appointed by a majority vote of the other Coordinators, who may likewise replace him as they deem necessary and expedient.

Current Coordinators

Continuity Coordinator - Paul Banda

Administrative Coordinator - Terra Caldwell

Admissions Coordinator - David Oberholzer

Web Master - Michael White