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The Septs of UaRM

Contactability Codes:

Seclusionist: They don't speak to just anybody. Usually, these are Tribe-specific septs who have cut themselves off, willfully, from the rest of the Nation. Most common among he Wendigo and the Uktena.

Wary: While these septs will accept visitors, they are not happy about it. They are very untrusting of outsiders and will often refuse to speak to garou of insufficient rank.

Open: The standard sept, open to outside communication and generally cooperative in high-threat concerns. This is the most common sept-type.

Inviting: This is perhaps, by contrast, the most rare type of sept in UaRM continuity. These septs openly invite strangers and seekers, professing to teach and aid those in need, seeming to enjoy providing hospitality to all the garou and, in the rarest cases, other changing breeds.


PC Septs (actual UaRM member chronicles)

Sept Name
Chronicle Name/Location
Sept of the Storm's Eye

The Other Shoe
Berkeley, California

Sept of the Heart of the Forest
Heart of the Forest
Humboldt County, CA
Sept of the Killing Dance
(application pending)
The Killing Dance
San Jose, CA


NPC Septs (septs that exist as background, but have no chronicle claiming it)


Name and Location
Sept of Lakota Dawn
Located in the northern Black Hills in the Dakotas, the Sept of Lakota Dawn is nearly completely made up of Wendigo and their Lakota-Sioux Kinfolk. Even their Lupus, when assuming Homid form, take on the appearance of Native Americans. They have fought the battle to take back the Black Hills from the US Government on a front different than most of their tribe, prefering the more direct approach: destroying equipment and killing the Tainted. They are Seclusionist.
Sept of the Mountain's Beauty
Located outside Coeur d'Alene. Open
Sept of Owl's Crossing
Located outside McAlester, OK. Wary
Black Ice Sept
Richmond, VA.
Cold Fire Sept
New York City, NY.
Emerald Crescent Sept
Trinidad, CA. (Destroyed)
White Hills Sept
Redding, CA. (Destroyed)
Rolling Fog Sept
Oakland, CA. (Destroyed)
Coherent Light Sept
Hollywood, CA
Oasis of the Muses Sept
San Francisco, CA. Seclusionist - destroyed 8/01
Sept of the Great Damn