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Email Lists

The Email Lists

Because the intention of UaRM is to bind many chronicles together, regardless of their geographical locations, Email and the Web are utilized to help facilitate this. Below you will find several email lists to which you can subscribe. In each case, however, you will need to go through the Administrative Coordinator in order to get access. When you email the AC, be sure to include your name, your character's name, your home chronicle and the name and email address of your HST. This information will be used to ensure that you should have such access. DO NOT TRY TO GAIN ACCESS TO LISTS UNASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ROLE IN UARM. This will only succeed in slowing down the process for everyone else.

The actual nature of these lists, In Character, is dependent upon the list in question. For most, they will be a network of gafflings working to keep members of a particular tribe, auspice, etc. informed of ongoing events, although an actual secure email list may be the IC explanation for a few of them. Some are Out of Character lists, which are provided for OOC discussions and announcements. USE THEM! The IC lists are intended to be exclusively IC, and anything mentioned thereon will be considered to be IC information.

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