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WELCOME to fans of Katie Couric's Legs!
NEWSFLASH from the server logs:
The logs show me quite a bit about who visits my site. They show not only that most of my traffic comes from search engines such as Yahoo and Google, but exactly what people were searching for when they happened upon my site. And overwhelmingly, month after month, the most common search term is... drumroll please... "Katie Couric Legs". Variants of this search phrase make up a whopping 40-60% of my hits, depending on the month. So, please make yourselves at home! And if you want to read the story in which I mention both "Katie Couric" and "legs", click here.

The big idea with my web site is to publicize my writing and to provide information about my business writing and project management services.

You'll also find some music reviews, general wisdom, and inspiration, including:

A new story: Bush Declares Day of Respect for Muslim Peoples

A new review of John Coltrane's live release: Olatunji

A new review of Lee Morgan's Search for the New Land

A New Years adventure story: Have a Nice Day.


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