Chapter 9. Virtual Domains

Table of Contents

9.1. Web sites
9.2. Mail hosting

In addition to accessibility through the domain name, you can have your own domain name. We can provide complete hosting, including web and mail access.

If you want to set up a domain, contact the administrator first. It will save everyone a lot of time, and it will probably save you some money.

We require that all hosted domains be registered with

If you register a domain, you must allow the administrator to be the technical contact for your domain. This allows the administrator to make any necessary changes if needs to change addresses or make other reconfigurations. If you do not do this, your site may go down for extended periods of time, and you will not be happy. That's why we insist that you use namecheap as a registrar. On their website, set the technical contact to be

All hosted domains must use our DNS servers: ( (

Again, this allows rapid updates when necessary.

9.1. Web sites

Once your domain is set up, you will probably notice a new folder in your home directory, with the _html suffix. By providing a different folder name for each domain, you can have many sites without any problems.

The default configuration on is to point any of your domain's addresses to the same directory. That means that and will bring up the same web site. In most cases, this is what you want. If not, let us know, and we can change the configuration.