Johnny's Parks Review



Hi, I'm Johnny, my big brother and I like to go to the park. we thought it would be cool to review some of the parks we go to. we will add to this as we go to more parks and take pictures,

as for now, enjoy!




The first park we are reviewing is Willow Glenn Park on Willow street near Meridain ave.

Sunday, January 13, 2002.




This is the bowling green, mostly older people like to play this game



Heres the Playground, lots of slides!



My Favorite is the Tire-Swing!!!


The park has convenient facilities next to the playgrounds


This is the little kids playground


Here are the Tennis Courts


and this is the Basketball Courts


The Baseball diamond is just beyond the Basketball courts, little legue plays here


They even have a Batting Cage (thats me!)


the park has some nice grassy areas


I like the hill part of the lawn


this is looking the other way in the low part of the hill, its kinda spooky and neat


Heres the Picnic area


and the other side of the park with its large lawn