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Storyteller Resources


If you are reading this, one of two things have happened: One, you have used your password to gain access to this page, or, Two, you have hacked through our nigh-invulnerable defenses and are viewing this page illicitly. If you are not currently a Storyteller of a member chronicle of UaRM, GO AWAY!

What is on this Page

The Storyteller Resources page is intended to provide information to help you run your chronicle more efficiently and more in keeping with the continuity of UaRM. It is our hope that you will visit and utilize this page often and regularly, as it will inform you of the major plotlines that effect all of UaRM, giving you the details you need to help make our collective a single, internally consistent world. For our part, we will make every effort to keep this page up to date with the latest details of the Global Story.

In addition to providing you with these juicy tidbits, you will also find downloadable forms and cards to help add control and consistency to your chronicle.

Global Story Plots

This will eventually be filled with links to major plots and VERY noticable results of local plots (such as the devastating storms in the Bay Area, which should have Garou all over the continent going, "aroo?")


File Description
UaRM Charter Charter for Under a Red Moon (26k)
UaRM Application UaRM Application in PDF format (38k)
Report Monthly Report Form (plain text file - to be pasted into mail) (8k)
Character Sheet 1 Standard Character Sheet for PCs and NPCs (72k)
Character Sheet 2 Totem Spirit construction sheet (Coming Soon)
Forms Badges designating what Form a character has assumed (38k)
Armor Item Cards for Armor (131k)
Melee Weapons (Comming Soon)
Firearms Item Cards for Firearms (130k)
Ammunition 1 Item Cards for Ammo (144k)
Ammunition 2 Item Cards for Ammo (140k)
Active Rites Cards representing active Rites (60k)
Fetish Cards 1 Item Cards for Fetishes, (49k)
Fetish Cards 2 Item Cards for Fetishes, (46k)
Fetish Cards 3 Item Cards for Fetishes,(49k)
Fetish Cards 4 Item Cards for Fetishes,(144k)
Fetish Cards 5 Item Cards for Fetishes,(144k)
Fetish Cards 6 Item Cards for Fetishes,(144k)


Continuity Resources

These links take you to important resources for established NPC Caerns, Septs, Characters and backdrop.