I'm at the proverbial crossroads... you know where Robert Johnson allegedly sold his soul to Satan to be able to play the guitar... except my guitar is cracked and I can't even play it poorly and the Devil he ain't around, which is probably good because there are a lot of smug ass people who have come down on moi recently (and it's not a good time to fuck me up) -- people for whom I'll have to play House Nigger, or perhaps Happy Coolie, for about 10 more days and if the Devil were to show his ugly ass I might be up for striking a deal (maybe my guitar?).

Nah, I know, I know... I'll pick up a cheap mask and cape at a post Halloween Sale, locate their polling places, take my guitar and some rope and become El Ka-Bong for a day.

So watch for Babalooee where you vote and if you see him, duck.

Speaking of voting, I am going to Vegas tomorrow morning to bet heavily on George Bush. I think this whole DUI business was just the thing he needed to bring out the drunk vote, and I'm afeared he's going to win. You watch.... Andy Rooney may grouse Democratic on Sunday Night, but based on what the bartender at the Omni in Atlanta told me about his drinking habits... Bush man.

Think Al should finally cop to taking that one acid trip too many (resulting in a mild case of permanent tripiness). I think acid heads, even though out numbered by lushes, stand a better chance of finding their polling place... maybe even making a day trip out of it.... I'll send him yet another telex urging him to come out on this issue even though I know he'll ignore it just like Clinton ignored my e-mail about selling Chelsea to Thai warlords (not really, it was like an analogy).

Shit, at least the country isn't at the fucking crossroads....

Vote early, vote often.