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This is a rough todo list, etc, that type of stuff, I'm adding to it as I check out the new wiki. To do or not to do, just my thoughts, so I don't forget them.

Tentacle wiki time is UTC, which I can only imagine stands for Union Time Clock?, or perhaps Unknown Time, Criminies!

can't add working links if to the page line starts with a space and a dash

the apply template feature of the edit function is only there if you are logged in.

the Draw component of wiki syntax killed my mozilla browser process, eh heh.

Module control is wonky, some seem to overlap and some just don't display.-Dave 4/19

Blogs underlap with rightside modules when displaying unlogged in from EI.

Forum posting isn't obvious, neither is replying, did I once, can't figure out how to do it again.

Gona fancy up the front page.

Old links and new links work, see [http://www.tentacle.net/wiki/LinksToTentacleWiki LinksToTentacleWiki]

Modules are not named descriptively.

Can't seem to modify the Lothster FAQ.

The search wiki page name feature is case sensitive. This seems over kill when all wiki page links are ThisFormat, and might actaully hurt.

2020-10-05 00:39