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nef says:

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Yukio Mishima.

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Haruki Murakami.

Watchmen. Alan Moore.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.

Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids. Kenzaburo Oe.

Chris says:

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemmingway

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Crypto-nomicon by Neal Stephenson

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Dune by Frank Herbert

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

The Fannie Merrit Farmer Cook Book currently updated by Marion Cunningham

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers

Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstader

Vision Science: Photons to Phenomenology by Stephen E. Palmer

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

A Green History of the World by Clive Ponting

100 Poems from the Chinese translated by Kenneth Rexroth

Hard Labor by Cesare Pavese (translated by William Arrowsmith)

[http://www.tentacle.net/~chrisr/poems/ Selected Poems]

Mountains and Rivers Without End by Gary Synder

Also my ToRead list and ChrisHasReadList

Andrea says:

Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace (you'll be glad you did...eventually)

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Gone with the Wind (I had a love/hate relationship with this one)

Till I thnk of more, that's all....

Kevin says:

Anything by Thomas Pynchon

White Noise by Don Delillo

The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie

Red/Green/Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (thanks Dave)

His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman (also thanks Dave)

Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart

Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander

On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee (non-fiction reference)

Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian (non-fiction)

If on a Winter's Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino

The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart (non-fiction)

Observatory Mansions by Edward Carey

The Bone People by Keri Hulme

Dave sez:

Perdido Street Station by China MiƩville (seconded by Kevin, a hearty 'here here' by Ben)

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (I know, it is now here 3 times, but you HAVE to read it!)

The Three Californias trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson are also good.

The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen by Joan Vinge

The Preacher graphic novels by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

I'm sure there is other stuff, but it is stuck in my brain. Also feel free to see DavesReadinglist.

Kevin sez: take Dave's suggestions.

Neal Stephenson says

Set this House in Order by Matt Ruff

Ilium by Dan Simmons

Iron Council by China Mieville

Perfect Circle by Sean Stewart

The I Love Bees alternate reality game

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susannah Clarke

The Fool's Tale by Nicole Galland (in galleys; soon to be published)

Short story collections by Etgar Keret: The Bus Driver who Wanted to be God, and The Nimrod Flip-out. Last time I checked, The Nimrod Flip-out was only available from an Australian publisher named Picador, but this should pose only the most minor of challenges to Slashdot readers. Keret is a young Israeli writer who has also done some work in film and graphic novels.


Skeletons on the Zahara by Dean King

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates and Lincoln's Cooper Union address

Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson

Ben says:

OMG...Never even seen this page before...ok...

Anything by China MiƩville, Neil Gaiman, Neal Stephenson, and I've recently discovered Charles Stross.

Going back a bit, The Collected Stories of Phillip K Dick if you can stomach the mid-century political messages.

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