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BBC's News about the 2004 Election.

Voter Alert Line calls

BBC's Election Results timeline. Look here for when results will come in for states within time zone. And a GMT clock so you know what time it is the BBC is refering to.

Election day results for:


Alameda County

Overall: CNN PBS BBC WikiPedia =)

Election day party at Point Sebago (The Realm) at 8PM, no U.S. citizens admitted without an "I voted" sticker. 4100 Manila Ave. Oakland, its a potluck so bring something veggie and a fork and bowl. Also print a picture of your favorite sweetpea (potted or un) and wear it as a mask =)

Where to eat in New York on election night: NY Times Opinion

Results from 1860 onwards!!! -- territories joining, civil war, craziness... (as well as percent population turnout, registered voters, eligible voters)

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