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- prosciutto and sliced melon - BR - figs with feta and lime - BR - king street chardonnay - BR

- a pallet cleanser of champange and sorbet - BR

- pistachio and mint stuffed artichokes - BR

- marinated carrots and green beans - BR

- sauteed chard with golden raisins and pinenuts - BR - Our daily sparkling red organic california table wine - BR

- heirloom tomato ratatouille and acme bread - BR - berkeley and humbolt plum wine - BR

- wild mushroom tart with chutney - BR - a garnish of beets with roasted onions and walnuts - BR - pit aged belgian ale - BR

- mixed baby green salad with reduced balsamic, blue cheese, and carmalized pecan dressing - BR - king street rheisling - BR

- baked apples with bourboned whipped cream - BR - coffee - BR

- californian brandy and cigarettes -

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Hey, should it be plum chutney or fig? Or maybe orange?

Oh, and feel free to edit down the wordings of stuff, and/or spice them up. **

yo where the eggs at bitch? i think the courses should be simple, like at most having a garnish accompandying the main thing. So i moved things around and spaced them out. and added a wine, but they still need some more drinks. and you didnt have a drink for the artichokes. but maybe you could just serve milk or something.

It has to be a sparkling red. Korbel makes a good one if we can get our hands on a bottle or two.

Ab ovo usque ad mala

2020-10-05 00:39