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We wish to have knowledge of which dairy companies are better than other dairy companies for the purpose of purchasing dairy in all its forms at Fort Awesome.


[http://www.clo-the-cow.com/ Clover Stornetta], is a California based dairy that Sam and Chris will both vouch for as they have seen the cows (up in Sonoma and out at Point Reyes). Its non-organics are also relatively well priced. They have policy against rBST, they won an award for good practice towards their animals, and their organic line is from free range pastureage out on Point Reyes.

[http://www.horizonorganic.com/ Horizon] isn't so good, Taal says he read an article about how their organics come from cows that are locked up and fed organic feed, where as their normal cows get to roam around free.

[http://www.strausmilk.com/ Straus] is way cool, with the glass re-used milk bottles and the cow patty methane power production amoung other good things. But they are pricey.

[http://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/ Cowgirl Creamery] has creme fraiche in bulk says Ari. They are based near Point Raise Station, and make their cheeses from Straus milk. The Cheeseboard carries their cheeses.


Are European cheeses more likely (and if so, which ones in particular) to be made from happy cows?

2020-10-05 00:39