3.3. man pages

There is a huge wealth of help and reference material available from the command line. Almost every command has its own man page, which is a (usually) complete manual for all of the options and the usage of the command. It also has a section number associated with it. Throughout this and most documents, commands are specified together with their man section. For example, man(1). To read a man page, just type:

chaos[1] % man [section] name

And you will see the proper page come up:

MAN(1)                                                                                                     Manual pager utils                                                                                                     MAN(1)

       man - an interface to the on-line reference manuals

       man  [-C file] [-d] [-D] [--warnings[=warnings]] [-R encoding] [-L locale] [-m system[,...]] [-M path] [-S list] [-e extension] [-i|-I] [--regex|--wildcard] [--names-only] [-a] [-u] [--no-subpages] [-P pager] [-r prompt] [-7]
       [-E encoding] [--no-hyphenation] [--no-justification] [-p string] [-t] [-T[device]] [-H[browser]] [-X[dpi]] [-Z] [[section] page ...] ...
       man -k [apropos options] regexp ...
       man -K [-w|-W] [-S list] [-i|-I] [--regex] [section] term ...
       man -f [whatis options] page ...
       man -l [-C file] [-d] [-D] [--warnings[=warnings]] [-R encoding] [-L locale] [-P pager] [-r prompt] [-7] [-E encoding] [-p string] [-t] [-T[device]] [-H[browser]] [-X[dpi]] [-Z] file ...
       man -w|-W [-C file] [-d] [-D] page ...
       man -c [-C file] [-d] [-D] page ...
       man [-?V]

       man is the system's manual pager. Each page argument given to man is
       normally the name of a program, utility or function.  The manual page
       associated with each of these arguments is then found and  displayed.  A
       section,  if provided, will direct man to look only in that section of
       the manual.  The default action is to search in all of the available

If you do not know the section, you may omit it.